Mini Starry Bunny Limited (7”)

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What makes this Lil' Bunny a star? A popular reality television show featuring his Star Bunny relatives? His new farm-to-table restaurant getting all the awards for "best use of leeks?" No! It is his legendary exploits in the sky! See that set of stars up there just south of Orion? That's our guy! Starry Bunny, or 'Lepus', is its name if you're a constellation connoisseur. Orion hasn't caught him yet; run little bunny! But Lepus is not only renowned for his eternal ethereal evasion, but for guiding wayward sailors home to port when the grog has run dry. Let his star guide your heart towards the land of joy and squee! That's like grog, but fluffier.

7 squishy inches of rabbit in the stars. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!