HABA Rainbow Fabric Ball 3672

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  • Crinkles, textures and rattles too! Just the right amount of age-appropriate stimulation for your baby's development. Certified child-safe and non-toxic.
  • Eight colorful fabric sections offer different textures, sounds, visual and auditory feedback: rough, smooth, ridges, solids, stripes, rustle, rattle, squeak, and more!
  • This ball is sure to entertain. Even the youngest babies love the rattling noise it makes when tossed in the air or rolled on the ground. Measures about 6" in diameter.
  • Made of polyester, velour, mesh fabric, courduroy and tricot fabric. Packaged in a retail box.
  • Recipient of the Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the Year Award.
  • Weight:0.57 LBSWidth:6.77Height:6.69Depth:6.77