Pink Camelia Roses - Clear Glass SFR41

Specializing in perfumed faux floral displays, these products are designed to enhance both the aesthetic and scent of any room in the home.
Handmade in the UK.

Perfumed faux flower ornament
Fragrance notes: peony, Turkish rose
Dimensions: H15xØ20cm
Lifelike pink rose arrangement
Skilfully handcrafted with natural coating
Encased in a sleek glass holder
Includes a 10ml spray bottle of the Georgian Rose scent
To refresh & enhance the flowers’ fragrance when needed
This beautiful rose arrangement is perfumed with the Georgian Rose scent, a refreshing floral blend of peony and Turkish rose reminiscent of meandering through an English country garden. Including a small spray bottle to refresh and enhance the fragrance, it is perfect for bringing everlasting blooms into your interior.

Luxuriant green camelia leaves loosely encase these gorgeous roses. Each flower is finished by hand and enhanced by using either of the two rose perfumes included, "rose oud" & "Georgian rose"