Orange Slice (15”)

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Close your eyes and think of a classic summer day. The sun is hot - quick, cool off with a refreshing drink! No, you're bored with lemonade, let's find something else. You search through the refrigerator, and aha! There it is! An orange, for the perfect cup of orange juice!! But something’s a little funky with this piece of orange. Why is it so big? And fluffy? You squeeze it, and to your surprise, no juice! Just lots of love. What’s up with that?

Well jokes on you, this citrus classic is totally a winter fruit! Summer isn’t actually its best time to shine. And second of all, this orange slice is actually a Squishable! Meant for hugging, and not for eating! Orange you glad I told you before you took a bite??

15 squishy inches of ap-peel-ing fruit! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up!