Husky (15”)

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''We can make you a star!'' said the sports agent, his smile glimmering in the clear Arctic sun. "Any sled team with you at the front would win every race from Barrow to Anchorage!"

The little Husky knew the offer meant everything he'd ever wanted: fame and unlimited kibble. But on the other hand, the Husky's real passion was knitting! Zipping from one end of the tundra to the other means no time for snuggling up with needles and yarn.

The Husky took a deep breath and looked the agent directly in the eye. "I may be fast, but I'm also true to myself. You can win medals or make mittens, but not both. Now excuse me, I have a couch to snuggle on."

15 squishy inches of following your dreams, all-new poly fill, ages 3 and up!