3D Memo Pads

These specially designed artistic stationery pads quite literally bring a hidden figure to life the more you use it!
Though it may start out like any ordinary memo pad, you’ll soon realize that as you continue use it, the papers gradually start to take shape and magically transform into a delicate and gorgeous sculpture.
Usually, when a whole memo pad is finished, the rest is thrown away.
However, now we introduce an alternative to that fate.
Because of the incredible and detailed 3D model, the leftover design can then be kept as a stunning table display.
Laser-cutting technology is used to create the intricate architecture of the building.
At the time of design, a drawing is made on each sheet of paper, and each drawing is laser-cut.
According to the shape of the building, each piece of paper is individually stacked to restore the shape.
The product is finally finished through hand binding to keep the whole structure secure.
Every step except for the 3D cutting is done by hand!
These memo pads come in a total of 5 color gradients: gold, red, purple, blue, and green.
Each piece of the torn note card has a beautiful silhouette and has a beautiful pearlescent sheen.
The note paper is no ordinary paper—it’s artwork in itself! It is perfect for a memo or message card to a loved one.
The memo pad is an amazing piece of art, and it can be placed at home, in the office, or anywhere to add a touch of aesthetic.
Treasure each moment and make a memorable journey on your desk.

Memory & Moment & Sculpture

Material: Paper
Style: 3D architecture
Length: 3.75in
Width: 3.75in
Height: 2 2/8in
Pages: 160 sheets