Hot water bottle Navy $48.99 15%off

  • Stylish hot water bottle
  • Material: rubber bottle, fleece
  • Dimensions: L81xW13cm
  • Navy color
  • Elongated shape can be wrapped around your body
  • Perfect for pinpointing painful spots to assist with pain relief
  • Requires one kettle or less to fill up
  • Practical pocket
  • Yuyu branded lining
  • More colors available separately


Stay warm for hours with this cosy Fleece Hot Water Bottle from Yuyu. Designed to reach those hard to find aches and pains, this long water bottle has a multifunctional ribbon strap allowing you to wrap it around shoulders, back or abdomen in ultimate ease. Requiring a kettle or less to fill up, the bottle itself has cleverly designed bumps on the surface to trap air within the fabric, perfect to snuggle up with on a chilly night. A fantastic gift idea for any occasion or addition to your own home.